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About FMI

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Located in the nation’s heartland in Colombo with a trusted reputation of over the past 3 decades

Facilities Management Integrated Pvt Ltd (associate of prestigious Abans Group) is a well established and leading Integrated Facilities Management Services providing company in Sri Lanka. 

We take pride in mentioning that, we are the largest and oldest home grown company into the business of providing Soft & Hard services, Operation & Maintenance, Corporate Support Services, Solid Waste Management, Feminine Hygiene Services, Pest Control and Security Services etc. We deliver all these services through only one key contact.

Our clients include Airports, Hotels, Residential & Commercial buildings, Mix-use High-rise buildings, Shopping Complexes, Healthcare Institutions, Industries, Government  & Private Institutions etc.

We believe that your facility is the first impression of your business. Our multidisciplinary FM team comprising of mixed blend with local and international exposure provides 360 degree approach to deliver Integrated  Facility Management services to ensure that your property is upbeat with smooth operations 24 x 7x 365 days. 

FMI is proud to get affiliations from BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management), BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Sciences), CCI (Chamber of Construction Industry, Sri Lanka) & CIDA (Construction Industry Development Authority). It gives us immense pleasure and pride to learn that we are the 1st company in    Sri Lanka to obtain above mentioned affiliations. We are also ISO 9001:2015 and 45001:2018  certified company.

Our strong client and field partner relationship, loyal employees, no-nonsense work ethic and total solution philosophy, have all played hand in hand to achieve greater client satisfaction.

“A strategic partnership between  FMI and organizations will help maintain pleasant working environment to its employees. FMI will ensure hassle free service delivery so that the organizations can concentrate on their core business”.


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Why Us

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Specialist in Integrated Facility Management

With our total solution philosophy, endless list of services and dedicated teams, we ensure most appropriate solutions from the first time.

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A Single Point of Contact

With our integrated facility management service our clients enjoys a total solution under one roof by providing tireless services and handling assets.

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Pricing Advantage

A single vendor for all your facility services and the buying power of a company that specializes in integrated facility management. To ensure impeccable service delivery we invest directly in our manpower force.


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Quick Response

Working 24×7 x365 days, our quick responsive facility management team ensures that your property is upbeat with smooth operations.

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Preventive Maintenance Programs

Our preventive maintenance and property management philosophy ensures minimum downtime of your business hours.

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Our Software Solutions

Our Computer Aided facilities Management (CAFM) solution and Residential Management Software will provide a user friendly platform as an efficient method of managing and maintaining the facility.

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We are grateful to customers who trusted and walked the journey of progress with us

A homegrown corporate landmark with a internationally competitive stature. FMI’s growth and ambition has lifted it from its humble beginnings and transformed it into the leading and well-respected Integrated Facilities Management Firm it is today.

Leading contributions behind our achievement is our strong clientele and partnerships, loyalty, dedication and our employees driven by                   no-nonsense work ethics and quality total solutions.

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Health, Safety and Environment

Protecting people’s health, safety and environment are core values of FMI.

FMI’s strategies for sustainable development pursue continuous improvement in environmental, occupational health and safety & welfare related aspects, in accordance with our values, ethical code & statutory compliances.

The company pursues the goals of reduction of environmental impact of operations and of “zero injuries to people” through the prompt identification, assessment and prevention of environmental risks promptly putting in place remedial actions in case such events occur.

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International Affiliations

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Our Awards

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Country Expansion

FMI has undergone considerable growth over the last 3 decades. Competitive by nature, we not only plan to further improve our stature but increase job opportunities as well as continue to provide quality working experience.

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Our team of specialists

Since our aim is to help clients increase their focus and efficiency in getting tasks done, all operatives come highly trained and easily available

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